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About Us

Hello, you all ethnolovers... 
Chandrika Kubadia, being the promoter of this fashion site is a great enthusiast in evolving new fashion pertaining to not only a younger age group but also people beating around 70 who still want to look younger.
She finished her graduation in B.sc and is indulged in fashion since a decade. Something that inspires her to be a fashionista is her own love towards clothes, drapes and colours and an ardent devotion towards endeavouring a better ethic culture and keep the Indian couture alive in a very different way. 

Amit Kubadia, being the Sales Head is responsible for overseeing all sales activities of the company. As a Sales Head he has been the backbone of Niyara Sales and has provided the best results possible..

what we do

Reaching the epitome of ethnicity. Making fashion simpler, yet elegant and easier. Demonstrated skill and experience.Total commitment to you and your fashion quotient. These qualities are at the core of our culture, which differentiates us from others. We provide our clients a rare mixture of haute couture. Put our experience to work for you.
As a smaller, passioner of fashion we can maximize our dedication to your style quotient and offer you a more personal experience than you are likely to receive with a larger fashion sellers. We have demonstrated our success in the most sophisticated clients against the toughest fashion adversaries and wants.

our skills

  • Clothes Manufacturing

  • Fashion Labels

  • Exports

  • Styling


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